Vision-Career Workshop: Lead your future from the present

Following the theme of this year's Physics Days, "Future Leaders", Aalto University organizes a Vision-Career Workshop. The workshop is aimed to young researchers, and to all who would like to develop their career vision.

The workshop is supported by Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and open to all registered conference participants without a fee. The online workshop is led by R&D Coach, Dr. Simone Mastroianni from Mastrocoaching. It takes place over a period of ca. two weeks before the conference and includes independent tasks for developing your personal vision, and a half-day workshop to turn it to an action plan.

Register to the workshop by 22th February here.


You are called to be a leader in the future:

in a corporation, in the academia or in other, private fields.

The world needs inspired leaders.

The world needs leaders who are motivated by their inner selves.

The world needs courageous leaders who dare to follow their uniqueness.

The only way to become such a leader in the future is to start leading your present.


The Vision-Career Workshop leads you to:

  1. enlighten your personal Vision, which is the image aligned with your values, strengths, and dreams that inspire, motivate, and fulfill you. This image lies inside you and is just waiting to be expressed outwardly.
  2. co-shape the key pillars of the future leader and personally reflect on how they can be effective in your life.
  3. develop your action plan to move your career closer to your personal Vision and grow to your next step.
Think about yourself as a present leader!


The entire workshop consists of three sections:

  1. Presentation: Lead your Future from the Present
    14th Feb 2022, 9.00-10.00 (EET). See The presentation discusses the key pillars of the future leader and introduces you to work on your own Vision.
  2. Assignment: Enlighten Your personal Vision
    It will be sent to you as pdf file after the presentation. This assignment aims to help you research and enlighten your personal Vision. The assignment is a 2-hour creative and experiential individual project to be completed by the group-coaching Workshop.
  3. Group-Coaching Workshop: From Your personal Vision to Your Career
    28th Feb 2022, 9.00-12.00 (EET). A Zoom link will be sent to you in advance. The workshop aims to help you shape your career and pivot it on your personal Vision. The workshop is structured with personal assignments, group sessions and the development of an individual action plan.


Register here: to the presentation and to the workshop.

Workshop leaflet.


Workshop speaker and facilitator

R&D Coach, member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), systemic experiential trainer and evolutive leadership pioneer. I have long R&D international experience and deep knowledge of the academic environment: CHOSE lab (Rome), Aalto University (Helsinki), Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (Freiburg). I developed a tailor-made career development and decision-making coaching program for academic personnel, called "R&D Vision & Career Coaching".