Conference Lobby

The Physics Days 2022 will be held virtually on the LiveTo platform. LiveTo is only accessible to registered participants. In addition to the Physics Day registration, you also need to create an account on LiveTo. Instructions were given to you in the registration email. Alternatively, you can create the account here, using the same email address as for registration.

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Brief Liveto tour

When you enter the event, you are first taken to the landing page. From the landing page you can select where you want to go. On the right, you will find the chat, the list of attendees, and your private inbox, while on the left you see the selection of rooms: Plenary speakers, Parallel sessions, Poster session and Coffee break. Those who have registered for the Career Workshop will also find this workshop in the list.

At the top of the Liveto window is a small calendar icon. Click this to see the conference program. The date can be changed from the upper right corner.

You can jump between sessions as you wish. To hear the presentations, click "Join" for the room in question. Note that you cannot listen to multiple sessions at the same time. Keep your camera turned off and the mic muted during presentations. Use the chat for questions and comments. Plenary talks are given in Zoom, the link will open in a new window in your browser.

Liveto - General instructions